New Year’s Hopes For the Year 2021


Setting New Year resolutions may sound unsettling and uncertain, especially since the year 2020 had been a challenging one, due to the pandemic. However, for now, setting new hopes instead of resolutions for the new year may be more fitting and realistic. It’s almost like looking at New Year resolutions in a more simple and positive way.

One of 2020’s learning lessons for many people has been to expect the unexpected and to learn to be flexible with it. Thus, by setting hopes and small accomplishments instead of tough goals to achieve, means you aren’t setting yourself up for big disappointments if things don’t go exactly as planned.

Some hopes and accomplishments that may be valuable and helpful for the new year are listed below:

1.) Show self-kindness every day, as well as to others (Be kind on social media as well)2.) Observe your thoughts and feelings without judgments or action

3.) Don’t compare yourself to others

4.) Give yourself credit for the things you accomplished in 2020, and will accomplish in 2021

5.) Be mindful of your daily achievements, (no matter how small)

6.) Show Forgiveness and Gratitude (Forgiveness increases hope and self-esteem; and lowers anxiety and depression.)

7.) Eat healthier and drink more water

8.) Get more exercise

9.) Focus your energy in your favorite hobbies and things you enjoy doing most

10.) Stay active and social with family and friends (even if it’s long-distance or not in person, (video chat, talking on the phone, etc.)

11.) Meditate, or listen to a meditation or spiritual-type video or podcast. Recommendations: (Eckhart Tolle, or Roberta Grimes, (New Spiritual teacher on God and the afterlife)

12.) Journal (Make a Gratitude list)

13.) Clean for 5 minutes a day (To slowly build momentum if you’re not in a good cleaning routine)

14.) Get enough sleep

This past year, 2020, has caused a lot of disruption in many people’s lives, so it’s only natural to feel tired. A good way to recover from everything is to be gentle with yourself and nurturing. Thus, setting intentions or themes instead of resolutions is more fitting for the year of 2021.

Some mental exercises that may be helpful are to use your senses to get into a more positive state of mind. For instance, remembering a really pleasant memory you had in your past and taking time to remember the whole experience, including where you were, what were you doing, and who you were with, etc.

Envisioning the future is another mental activity to try. To think about the future, and envision an experience you would like for yourself, and think about why it brings you joy. Some good intention examples that you can choose from is being open to possibilities, beauty, love, or having fun. This in turn can create more joy, positivity, and satisfaction in your life, as well as help you form more deeper connections with others.

-Carissa Nadolski, Consultant

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