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Anger is a healthy emotion that everybody feels at some point in their life. Anger must be expressed in an appropriate manner to be healthy. When anger is expressed in an unhealthy way this is when we get ourselves into trouble. Anger may cause you to lose your job, break up with a loved one, fight with friends or family members, or even get you in trouble with the law. This occurs when too often we let our anger get the best of ourselves and our emotions take over and shut down the rational side of our brain. Some may refer to this as “seeing red” or “tunnel vision.”Anger is a response to some particular stimulus that involves our emotions and thoughts which subsequently results in some type of consequence. As previously stated, this does not always have to be a negative thing. If we learn specific skills to use in situations that elicit an angry response, and reframe the way we interpret a situation, we can learn to control anger so that it does not become unhealthy and possibly damaging. There are numerous skills, methods, and theories that exist to help individuals learn to manage their anger. When undergoing anger management therapy the most important thing is that there is a connection between the individual and the therapeutic methods being taught. Anger management training is one of my specialties and one type of therapy I enjoy doing with my clients. I use a structured week by week guideline which has elicited a very positive outcome with the clients I have worked with. The guideline I use is tailored to each individual to meet their specific needs.If you feel you have a significant problem with controlling your anger, or even just need to learn a few extra skills, anger management therapy is for you. Come to therapy with an open mind and I am sure you will succeed and see improvements in your life.

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